Canine Groom Services include:

  • A relaxing warm bath done twice (flea control shampoo or irritated skin shampoo if needed)♠
  • Blueberry facial
  • A soothing coat conditioner
  • Tear & Saliva Stain removed
  •  A fluffy blow-dry
  • Brush out and minor de-matting♥
  • Light haircut or shave down
  • Sanitary trim
  • Trimming hair between pads
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning (ear hair pulled if needed)
  • Hand Scissor Finish
  • Your choice of pet friendly cologne ♣

Blueberry Facial

Call us for an appointment or quote. Prices vary due to size, coat and style.

♠ – Shampoos vary do to hair and skin condition. All shampoos are made from the best in natural ingredient’s.
♥ – There is an extra charge for heavy de-matting do to time it takes in getting them out (Groomers discretion at assessment of pet).
♣ – We carry a wide selection of colognes from Blueberry Clove to Sugar Cookie ask your groomer if you have a favorite.

Cat Groom Services Include

  • Nail Clipping
  • Blueberry bath and dry
  • Pads clipped
  • Lion cut or shave down haircut

How do we wash and groom your dog?

Alopaw’s staff will arrive outside of your home at the agreed appointment time. The van is fully equipped with a hydrobath enabling us to wash in warm water and groom your dog in safety and comfort.

No more waiting for long appointment dates. No more transporting your dog to dog salons leaving your cars dirty from the transport. No more stressful waiting periods in cages for your pets while anticipating the groom ahead. This service is a kinder and more pleasant way to treat your loved one.

Alopaw’s staff gets to know your pet on arrival to make your pet and yourselves feel at ease prior to the process. Sometimes your pets have never experienced this procedure before and it is of up most importance your pet is relaxed and happy. A consultation will take place which covers medical and behavioral problems prior to the groom. This enables our staff to be aware of any contraindications and also to report back any physical changes to your pet which may need veterinary treatment.

Your dog is invited into our van where he or she is attended to by one of our qualified groomers. Initially your pet is groomed and styled and during this time our staff will check the nails and clip them if necessary. Your pet’s ears are cleaned and an overall general check for lumps and bumps is undertaken. After the prep work your pet is taken to the warm watered hydrobath where they receive a thorough wash with all natural shampoos suited to your dog’s coat, the coat is then rinsed and conditioned; a flea rinse is also applied if requested. The coat is then fluff dried, groomed, and then given a hand scissor finish. The groom is then finished with your choice of scrumptious smelling doggie colognes which leaves your pet in tip top condition at the end of the grooming session.

We aim to make your dog a happy dog, as all dogs adore attention and care. We aim to make our customers happy with the professional service that Alopaw provide’s.

We provide a safe, clean, stress-free environment for your pet(s).


Spa Packages